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Caverta (Sildenafil Citrate)

Caverta is a generic drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It is identical to Viagra in terms of its active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, but is available at a lower price. 50 gm, 100 gm and other pack variants of Caverta tablets can be purchased online from our Canadian Pharmacy. Generic drugs are safe and effective alternatives to brand-name drugs, and Caverta is no exception. In fact, generic drugs must meet the same FDA standards as their brand-name counterparts. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to treat your ED, Caverta is definitely worth considering.

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What Is Caverta?

Caverta is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction of various etiologies. The active ingredient of Caverta is sildenafil citrate — a medicinal substance that causes a steady relaxation of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which significantly increases the blood flow to this part of the body.

Caverta belongs to the group of generics variants of Viagra, a well-known erection stimulator developed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The release of the drug became possible after the expiration of the patent registered by Pfizer for the pharmaceutical use of sildenafil citrate.

What Caverta Is For

  • The effect of Caverta on the restoration of erectile function is completely identical to the therapeutic effect of Viagra.
  • Changing the list of excipients that are part of Caverta significantly improved the tolerability of the drug.
  • The price of Caverta is significantly lower than Viagra, since local pharmaceutical companies can produce the drug independently, without including brand mark-up or import duties in the final cost.

Why Order Caverta from Canada?

When it comes to prescription drugs, many Americans worry about the high cost. However, there are ways to get affordable generic drugs without sacrificing quality or convenience. One option is to order from Canadian Pharmacy Online. Canadian pharmacies, including ours, sell generic drugs that are just as effective as their brand-name counterparts but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, many US pharmacies will accept prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies, so you can still use your preferred pharmacy. And if you’re looking for an affordable generic alternative to Viagra, Caverta is a good option. Caverta is a generic version of Viagra that is just as effective but much more affordable. So if you’re looking for a way to save on prescription costs, ordering from a Canadian pharmacy is a great option.

Pharmacological Properties of Caverta

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What Caverta Is For

Caverta is used to treat erectile dysfunction of vascular, endocrine, psychogenic, or mixed origin.
The maximum effectiveness of the drug is observed in erectile dysfunction of vascular genesis — for example, caused by progressive atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, etc.

How It Works

Sildenafil citrate has the ability to significantly slow down the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP): a substance that causes relaxation of the cavernous bodies of the penis, so that the penis is intensively filled with blood, which ensures a high-quality erection.
The full effect of sildenafil occurs within 40-60 minutes after taking the drug and persists for 2-3 subsequent hours. A prerequisite for the action of Caverta is physical stimulation, which is necessary to start the synthesis of cGMP in the body.

Who Caverta Is For

The target category is men over 40 years of age with complaints of difficulties in achieving a stable erection sufficient to perform a full—fledged sexual intercourse.

Caverta can also be prescribed to improve the general condition and increase the life expectancy for pulmonary hypertension.



The recommended single dosage is 50 mg. The maximum allowable daily dosage is 100 mg.

The drug is taken one hour before the intended sexual intimacy, regardless of food. It should be borne in mind that fatty dishes can slow down the onset of the full effect of the “Cover”.


  1. Severe forms (stages) of cardiovascular and/or liver diseases.
  2. Hemophilia is a violation of blood clotting.
  3. Loss or severe loss of vision in one eye.
  4. Stomach and duodenal ulcer in the acute phase.
  5. People under the age of 18.

With caution, you should take the drug when:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • hereditary retinitis pigmentosa;
  • diseases associated with the risk of priapism (blood leukemia, multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia);
  • anatomical deformities of the penis (cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease);
  • within six months after a brain stroke and/or myocardial infarction.

Side Effects

With a probability of >2%, Caverta can cause headache, aching back pain, dizziness, a rush of blood to the face, nasal congestion, blurred vision, color perception disorders, increased photosensitivity, dyspepsia, nausea, skin rash, tachycardia, drowsiness, as well as ringing, or tinnitus.

The risks of side effects are directly correlated with the amount of the dose taken: minimal when using 25 mg of the drug and maximum when using 100 mg or higher.


Exceeding the daily or single dosage of Caverta is accompanied by symptoms characteristic of side effects, but more pronounced in their intensity and persisting for a much longer period.

Treatment: exclusively symptomatic. In case of overdose with sildenafil, hemodialysis is not used because this substance binds to plasma proteins.

Interaction of Caverta with other drugs

It is strictly forbidden to take Caverta simultaneously with the following groups of drugs:

  1. Organic nitrates: Nitroglycerin, Isoket, Sustonite, etc.
  2. Nitric oxide donors: Agmatine, Molsidomine, Sodium Nitroprusside, etc.
  3. Remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis.

Combining Caverta with the following drugs also requires caution:

  1. Alpha-blockers: Atypamezole, Vasobral, Doxazosin, Phentolamine, etc.
  2. Protease inhibitors: Amprenavir, Asunaprevir, Indinavir, Ritonavir, etc.
  3. Blockers of H2-histamine receptors: Nizatidine, Ranitidine, Famotidine, etc.
  4. Macrolides: Azithromycin, Clarithromycin, Erythromycin, etc..

When taking Caverta with alpha-blockers at the same time, there is a possibility of a drop in blood pressure to critical values. To prevent the development of this complication, separate administration of drugs with an interval of at least 4 hours helps.

H2-histamine receptor blockers, protease inhibitors and macrolides can slow down the metabolism of sildenafil citrate, which increases the risk of side effects. In this case, it is recommended to take Caverta in a minimum dosage of 25 mg.

Instructions and Precautions

  1. The first intake of Caverta should be started at a dosage of 25 mg in order to determine the level of individual sensitivity to this drug — especially for people over 60 years of age.
  2. As clinical practice shows, in some cases the full effect of sildenafil occurs only after 3-4 days of regular intake of the standard daily dose (50 mg).
  3. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice can reduce the overall effectiveness of Caverta.
  4. There is a high effectiveness of Caverta in the treatment of erectile dysfunction that occurred against the background of prolonged use of antidepressants.
  5. An erection lasting more than 4 hours may indicate the development of priapism. In this case, the patient should immediately consult a doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I took Caverta, but did not have sexual intercourse?

The effect of sildenafil occurs only under the condition of direct physical sexual stimulation, and therefore taking a “Cover” without subsequent sexual intercourse does not threaten any consequences or complications.

How long does it take for Caverta to take effect?

The first signs of improvement in erectile function can be observed after 20-30 minutes, but in most cases the full effect of the drug occurs after 1-1.5 hours.

How long does Caverta last?

On average, Caverta allows you to maintain a stable erection for two hours, but in some cases the effect of the drug lasts up to 3-4 hours.

Can I take Caverta with alcohol?

Moderate doses of alcohol do not reduce the effect of sildenafil on the relaxation of the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Which is better — Caverta or Viagra?

The active ingredient of both drugs is sildenafil citrate, and therefore their effect on the restoration of erectile function is absolutely equivalent.

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