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As an international online pharmacy, our mission is to offer extra-high quality generic medications at the best prices and provide fast delivery to the US and around the world. Based in Canada, our online drugstore aims to make your life just a little bit easier! We support all clients and provide friendly customer service that works day and night for every client so you will get what you need delay-free.

There are many pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US, and our pharmacy is one of them. We offer a wide variety of generic drugs at a fraction of the cost of brand-name medications.

When you order from our pharmacy, you can be confident that you're getting the same quality medication that you would receive from your local pharmacy, but at a much lower price. So why not take advantage of our low prices and order your medications from our Canadian pharmacy today? You'll be glad you did!

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From navigating the website to delivery options, we strive to provide the best possible service so that our customers can be confident in their decision to buy from us.

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More than 10 years of experience! Since the very start of our operations, our passionate staff has been working hard to make our clients healthier, happier, and provide them with experience worthy of their time and money.

Simple shopping! Ordering from Canadian Pharmacy is just a few clicks. Save your time and privacy and get your pills delivered to your door with the best mail order pharmacy around without leaving your house or waiting in line.

Huge assortment! We have an amazing choice of generic drugs for clients of all ages and needs. Our Canadian Pharmacy has every modern type of drug in stock and ready for shipping.

Only extra-high quality medications! Quality is key. All our partners and suppliers are working closely with us to provide only the highest quality pharmacy experience.

Competitive prices! We like to get to the point, so working fully online keeps us focused on what really matters for our clients — keeping our prices as competitive as possible.

Your data is protected! We are proud to call ourselves a safe Canadian pharmacy. The reason? We put safety above all else and ensure that all information about our clients stays completely private.

Great customer service! Our pharmacy is proud to have the most professional client service there is. If you have any questions, just chat with us or write to our email. Our service is available 24/7.

It’s All About Your Feedback! Your opinion is everything to us. It helps us understand what you think of our service and what we can do to improve. Leave your feedback and help make us the best pharmacy around!

Why Order from Canada

Canadian pharmacies, including ours, offer many advantages over their US counterparts. For example, they are much less expensive. Canadian pharmacies are able to offer lower prices because the Canadian government regulates the price of prescription drugs. In contrast, the US government does not regulate drug prices, which means that US pharmacies can basically charge their customers whatever price they want. Canadian Pharmacy Online also offers a wider selection of generic drugs than US pharmacies. Generic drugs are cheaper than brand-name drugs and are just as effective. Finally, we provide a higher level of customer service than US pharmacies. We are responsive to questions and concerns, and we offer a toll-free number that US customers can call. We also offer online chat services so that customers can get help in real time and get the highest level of support only the most reliable online pharmacy can offer. With all of these advantages, it's no wonder that more and more people are choosing Canadian pharmacies over US pharmacies.

Why Generic Drugs?

People are used to thinking that generic drugs are low-quality medicine and are inferior to the brand name ones. But it is a myth! Health Canada regulates and authorizes for sale all generic drugs in Canada and also assesses all generic drugs before they are sold in Canada. All companies manufacturing brand name drugs or generics must hold the same production standard for ensuring drug quality.

Canadian Generic Drugs

If producers of generic drugs plan to sell their products in Canada, they must obtain a corresponding permission. They need to provide full information about active ingredients of the new drug, its manufacturing and testing before it is allowed to be sold. Also, they must confirm that the generic drug is equivalent to the drug of the brand name. Generic drugs are controlled in the same way as other drugs.

Generic Medications

Our generic medications have the same active substances at the same doses as brand name drugs. And they work quickly and efficiently and the same way as the original medicine. Generic drugs and brand name drugs may differ by inactive ingredients such as flavor and might have different colors or shapes. But the only thing that is truly different is the price. Generics cost less simply because their producers don’t need to spend money on developing, patenting and marketing new drugs. And that’s precisely the reason why so many people choose generic medications!