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TOP-5 Healthy Habits For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common disorder. According to various studies, more than 50% of men age 40 to 70 can experience ED in various degrees. Although ED is a thing that people do not like to talk about, it is a great challenge for many men of any age for various reasons. Do not let ED develop or stay with you forever. There are a lot of modern and non-invasive treatments for ED, including such safe, highly effective and usually prescribed medications as Cialis (tadalafil), Viagra (sildenafil), Levitra (vardenafil). Some men can feel results after the first time of using one of these medications. For others it can be a little longer as they need to change dosage or an active ingredient. Since there are a lot of ways to cure ED, experts of Canadian Pharmacy Online recommend you to visit your doctor first to evaluate your risks and the most suitable options.

In spite of various existing successful medical ways of treatment of Erectile dysfunction, even small changes in your lifestyle, done right, can improve your erection and sexual performance. Life habits listed below are crucial for the natural treatment of ED and protection against it in the future. There are five main factors that affect men’s libido and level of testosterone as well as general health. Here they are.

1 Physical Activity

Urologists recommend physical activity as one of the most effective treatments, which can prevent or even completely reverse ED. When you exercise regularly, your libido rises, since your blood flow improves. Just 20 minutes per day keeps your heart healthy, while cardiovascular problems are the most common cause of ED. Even very basic walking or jogging can increase the testosterone levels, which is important for strong erection and sexual desire.

2 Healthy Diet

Switching to healthy eating, as well as all changes in lifestyle, have to be done gradually. Sudden changes can be too stressful, so you will reach more if you change your food habits smoothly. Saturated fats and sugars may cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes and ED as a result. Ultra-processed foods and drinks contain a lot of added sugar and fat, so start by replacing them with more natural ones: veggies and fruits, fresh fish and meat, whole grain cereals and bread, olive or avocado oil. Healthy nutrition is very important for health, and therefore for erection.

3 Quitting Smoking

According to many studies, smoking is dangerous to your health, because it harms most organs of your body. Numerous evidence confirms that this harmful habit increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by damaging the blood vessels, as smoking also impacts them. Provided that violation of blood circulation to the penis leads to erectile dysfunction, quitting smoking is the first recommendation of all practitioners for men of all ages. Giving up smoking reduces the risk of concomitant diseases, including ED, and improves overall health.

4 Make Stress Your Friend

Although people are used to thinking of stress as a problem, new studies find that stress can be a friend. Modification of perception of stress will change how stress works to your body. Physical activity and practices of meditation and mindfulness can help you manage stress and take control of your emotions and thoughts. Change the role of stress in your life in order that it acts in your favor, and does not remain the cause of serious illnesses, disorders, ED and depression.

5 Good Sleep

Sleep and testosterone are closely related. When you sleep, the production of testosterone in your body increases, and the level of cortisol, a hormone that blocks testosterone, decreases. Men who sleep less than 7 hours a night have low testosterone levels, because the body simply does not have enough time to produce it. Testosterone is important not only for libido, but also for burning fat, building muscle and brain health. Seeing that testosterone production declines as men age, good sleep is a very important instrument for better life.